Different ways of Cleansing and Charging Crystals & Stones

Different ways of Cleansing and Charging Crystals & Stones

I want to emphasize a crucial point: in my personal opinion, charging and activating crystals or stones online and sending them via courier service may not be effective. I respect that everyone practices their craft differently, and beliefs can vary. However, I hold the view that when obtaining crystals online, it is essential to personally cleanse and charge them upon receiving, regardless of any claims made by sellers. In contrast, if you acquire crystals in person from a physical store where the seller cleanses and charges them for you, that's a different scenario. For starters, crystals sent through transit have likely been touched by various people, each carrying different energies. While some may argue that the crystals are wrapped and packed, it's important to acknowledge that crystals inherently absorb vibrations due to their nature.

  1. Cleansing with the Four Elements is a fundamental and widely practiced method, offering an efficient and ritualistic way to cleanse and charge crystals. Begin by filling a glass or ceramic bowl with a mixture of sea salt and water. Submerge your crystals, excluding those in elastic band or wire wrap jewelry, and leave them under moonlight overnight. For such items, limit submersion to five minutes, then drain the water. Place the crystals in the bowl under moonlight for the night. The next day, give them a saltwater bath, bringing them inside before direct sunlight. In your sacred space, light incense or a candle, and move the crystals through the incense smoke to cleanse them. Pass them over a flame, maintaining a safe distance. Hold the crystals in your dominant hand and charge them with your intentions. Ground yourself, envision a white light taking control of your body, feel the energy, and direct it into the crystals. Once you sense a shift, you've completed the charging process. Wear them or keep them close in your bag or pocket as desired. 
  2. Salt Cleansing – Take a large glass or ceramic bowl and fill it with sea salt, Himalayan salt, or rock salt, whatever is accessible. Leave your crystals in the bowl for a few hours. Optionally, place a large chunk, pyramid, or tower of Selenite in the middle of the bowl. Selenite is not mandatory, but if you have it, feel free to use it.
  3. Earth Cleansing – If you have a house plant or any plant, tap into the energy of Mother Earth to cleanse your crystals. Utilize the energy of a big tree in your yard if available; otherwise, a small house plant will suffice. Place the crystals on the soil, leaving them under moonlight overnight, and bring them indoors before the sunlight reaches them. 
  4. Selenite Cleansing – Selenite, being inherently a cleansing and purifying crystal, absorbs negative energy and simultaneously clears itself by releasing the absorbed energy upward. Utilize this property by placing your crystals and stones in a Selenite bowl, tile, or plate for a few hours daily, especially after a long day. This practice aids in regularly cleansing the energy of the crystals when you prefer a simpler cleansing method. 

Certain crystals, like selenite, tektite, malachite, unakite, kunzite, calcite, kyanite, azurite, and others, should not be cleansed with water. An easy way to remember is that any stone ending with "ite" is not water-friendly. Instead, opt for the alternative methods mentioned above for cleansing these crystals. Feel free to share your preferences and reasons in the comments; I'd love to hear your views.

Blessed Be.

Pallavi Srivastav

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