About us

Welcome to The Lilith Store!

The Lilith Store is not just about magical supplies; it's about embracing all things organic and natural. In a world in need of healing, it's essential to reconnect with our roots and mother nature.

At The Lilith Store, I offer a diverse range of products, including bracelets, pendants, customized candles, crystals, crystal jewelry, herbs, bath salts, and more. Each piece is crafted with spirituality and a metaphysical mindset, inspired by the needs of our customers. My unique recipes for herbs and bath salts aim to promote self-improvement, such as self-love and mood upliftment.

While each item serves a different purpose, customization is always available to meet your specific needs. My journey began with a deep passion for these creations, leading me to pursue a course in this field. Once I started making these pieces full-time, there was no turning back.

I frequently introduce new products and would love to hear your feedback in the review section or via direct messages.

My name is Pallavi Srivastav, the founder of The Lilith Store, and I have been dedicated to this venture full-time for the past seven years. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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Pallavi Srivastav