Healing Magick

Healing Magick

Healing Magick The most powerful way of healing starts from you and that is Cord Cutting to live a better life! Cutting yourself or distancing yourself from things which are not serving any good to you not serving their purpose to your growth. If you are going through turbulent time, and if your surrounding is such with people making it hard for you, time is to cut cord with such. Cutting energy cords due to unwanted energy cords we have created knowingly or unknowingly, like obsessive thought of person, place, or thing or any pleasure which serves no purpose. Negative self-talk or feelings from said person, place, or thing. You feel sick when you think or spend time on certain situation or with certain people . Despite you cut contact, the attachment reappears as if some bad lesson is yet to learn and excel further. You get repeating dreams about the attachment be it good or bad. Energy still has power on you and energy is not going away ? This becomes a karmic loop. You may not be able to settle with it and find peace or either forgiveness with your attachment. You are draining your energy over attachment, getting anxious and tired which is turning you physically sick. Here I present you

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cutting and Removal of Energetic Cords

1. Find a quiet place where you can sit for at least 20 minutes, undisturbed. If you need to strengthen the intent, light some incense, or smudge the space.

2. Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing.

3. Once you feel suitably relaxed, envision a thick red or black cord coming from your tailbone, going deep into the earth, and tying you safely to the core. This is to ground and also protect you.

4. Now draw to mind the person, place, or thing that you wish to cut cords with.

5. Visualize the cords with this person, place, or thing and then imagine cutting them. The cords may appear black, thick, heavy, or like frayed ropes. Healthy energy cords usually manifest visually as gold, silver, or white. Negative cords will "feel" negative and often look that way as well. Cutting cords can be symbolic with scissors, a sword, burning them off, dusting them like cobwebs, or you removing them by hand. Tell this person place or thing that you love them, you wish them well, but no longer will be tied to them. Then remove the cords.

6. Repeat this process as often as needed until you feel they are cleared.

7. Now, visualize the cord you attached to the core of the earth being untied and coming back up into your tailbone.

8. Bring your awareness back to conscious reality, and have a good stretch.

9. Thank your higher self, spiritual guides, God, etc., and go about your day.

10. Repeat this exercise as often as needed if you feel said person, place, or thing invading your thoughts.

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