Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Novemeber 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Novemeber 2020

Eclipse season begins on November 30, 2020 (1:30 AM Pacific Time) with a full moon/lunar eclipse at 8°38’ in Gemini. 

We are going to witness the fourth and the last Lunar Eclipse of the year 2020, NOVEMBER 2020. This will be penumbral eclipse, in which it is said that the Moon moves in the outside sphere of the Earth's shadow. This is a Penumbral Eclipse, meaning it only appears a little darker than usual as opposed to a full or total eclipse, like the Solar Eclipse we’ll see on December 14th in the sign of Sagittarius. 

Eclipses are one of the most important cosmic events we experience. They signal big endings and beginnings and usher in change. During eclipse season, and especially with an unprecedented seven in the past year, the motto is: Expect the Unexpected. 
As we enter this transformational time, many of us can sense that there are bigger and better things ahead. But before we can fully embrace these new possibilities, we’ll need to understand where we’ve been—and what we’ve been through—in the past year.
The effect from a partial eclipse isn’t as intense as a full one, though the impact is still felt, especially for those who have personal planets in the signs of Gemini or Sagittarius.
Lunar Eclipse: Date and Time as per India. 
According to, the lunar eclipse will begin at 1:02:22 PM, it will peak at 3:12:53 PM, and it will go on till 5:23:22 PM on November 30, 2020. But this lunar eclipse, or Chandra Grahan, will not be visible in India.

Eclipse Contemplations: 
Where am I stuck in old mental patterns? What am I overthinking and overanalyzing? 
What can I do to get out of my head and into my body? 
Stop acting like you are afraid of your own power and start to move as your highest self, completely and unapologetically.

Powerful moon affirmation:
Tonight I enter the sacred space of my heart. I go deep within the private sanctuary of my soul. I close my eyes, and prayerfully ask for the answers that I seek. I pray for divine guidance as to my direction in life, and ask for the courage and love to follow the path of my heart. SO MOTE IT BE ! (

The Last Lunar Eclipse of 2020 is happening in Gemini and Eclipse are great time to look in to our Subconscious and darker side. There is always something we have in our subconscious but refuse to address it even though we actually know what should be done about it but we still keep refusing and postponing it until it accumulates and we still don't do anything about it and carry the same energy and pattern in to our DNA and carry forward to our future generations and that’s why they are born with certain inferiority or fear because we refuse to deal with it and won’t make effort to heal it.

It is really important to heal from inside ad make peace with those thoughts and fear for once at least, We all know the change is not really pleasant and we are not always really ready for it but once you give in or take one step towards facing and healing your inner wounds rest will happen smoothly. Know that only change is constant and as an human we can do nothing but evolve so yes there are few things you might do this eclipse to make certain things better in your life and if you are interested then keep on reading..

Going for what was long due:

It is this time where you are safe to address them and do something about it, Thinking of change in Job but couldn’t? Thinking of leaving a relationship which was not serving but couldn’t because you were too comfortable in it and refuse to make extra little effort to look love in different way? Thinking of Moving to different city or may be a small venture which you are afraid of starting?

Now is really time to make move on these aspects as this is a fruitful time and the energy is really productive and active, Rituals and Spells done on Lunar Eclipse will open the gateway of opportunities to you in the next three months and might bring some good news 2021.

Addressing and releasing:

As I mentioned above our dark and negative thoughts, trauma, insecurities, bad habits, overthinking, trust issues everything that is blocking something from you can be addressed now and released.

You may follow a simple Candle Ritual by writing that does not serves you anymore and you want to get rid of and burn it to release. I would recommend Black Candle in that Case as Black colour is good when it comes to absorbing energy. You may discard the remains in running water or you may also flush them. Do whatever suits you. But do something about the bottle up emotions.


You can do both work together Releasing and attracting as the energy is equally good for both and if you decide to do both then Begin with the Addressing and releasing para and then you may perform your spell work for your future success in whatever area of your life you want.

What Simple things can be done on the Lunar Eclipse?

Those who are no really familiar with Spells and Rituals and work with Universal energy in very subtle way for them I would suggest you to lay out your most precious close to heart crystals under the eclipse time with the intention of what you might want from them. 

  • You may also make Lunar Eclipse water and bottle up so you can use it future work even when the event has passed. You can use Lunar Eclipse water in following things -
  • You may add in Tea Blends on the day you need some extra energy and level of Power
  • You may add some in you Epsom salt foot Bath to remind yourself that it shall too pass and change is constant
  • You may use it Cleanse and Charge your Crystals later.
  • You may use it in your Ritual Bath as well.
  • You may use in making a sacred sprinkling water for cleansing the house with the Lunar Eclipse energy and so on. You can be creative the way you want.

This Energy is massive and there will be so many witches, wiccan or other practitioner who will be doing all releasing work and thing on this eclipse and you can literally feel the energy in air if you are psychically that aware.

Let me know what you are up to this Lunar Eclipse in the comment section down below and know I read them all and you may ask the question as well if you have any in the comment section.

Also do let me know if you want a DIY video on making Sacred cleansing water for the house. 

Until then Merry apart and Merry Meet again

 Bharati Jadhav & Pallavi Srivastav

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Thank you so much ..yes ..please do share the video ..all your videos are magical ..and a lot to learn !!!THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE SGAIN FIR DHARING SO KUCH INFIRMATION SBOUT LUNAR ECLIPSE RITUALS

Mala Rahi

Thanks for sharing :)

Rohan Deva

I would love to receive the video of making the sacred cleansing water for the house. Thank you 🙏🏻


I felt a massive energy flow while chanting. This the first time I have chanted during the lunar eclipse. Now sitting in my garden and soaking the magical moonlight. Im at the banks of river ganga n the house is 160 years old. I wish I could share a picture here ✨🌚


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