Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

I reckon you must have already felt the effect of retrograde yeah? This post is little but not too late and our very own Mercury has retrograded already on 30th January and will be the same till February 21st. You guys already know that retrograde happens every three to four times in a year and believe me it's not that bad, I tell you why as I have learned this hard way.

In time like these we will face so many ugly situations we never thought we would have to and that is totally fine because rest of the time we are generally busy ignoring and totally denying the fact that they even exist in the first place. It's time to reflect and re-evaluate the different situations of our life. You won't believe later that how much trash you were okay with in your life which was not needed at all. You will see things perceptively and that is the only thing that is important. Slow down and pay attention as this is the time where you will see all the hidden aspects or which was hid from you at least. Don't indulge yourself in argument as that will definitely turn toxic and you don't want that toxicity to poison your mind and peace instead just observe and withdraw yourself from the situation, believe me people from past will try contacting you or opposite you may would want to contact them but resist that feeling as it is temporary unless you want to confront and clear the conflicts for once. Don't really make any big purchases and don't plan anything new, try avoiding travel in these times and if you must then be on time, double check everything and last but not least relax as this is the time where you don't need to do much instead just sit back and watch the show and you will know that it is not that bad to handle retrograde. Below is something that you can use for this retrograde period.

MERCURY RETROGRADE SPELL MAKES ONE POT YOU WILL NEED Valerian root one teaspoon (food grade) wild lettuce extract teaspoon dried lavender Vanilla bean, cut into small pieces one tourmaline crystal When mercury is in retrograde it's always a funny old time. You may notice that things get lost in the post, electrical items break down and you might experience problems communicating. This is a good time to sit back, slow down and reassess everything that has been happening in your life. Reassess, re-evaluate, review. and RELAX! Drink this grounding tea in the evening to help you process your day. 1. Add the ingredients, except the crystal, to a teapot and add boiling water, then allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. 2. Drink the tea whilst holding on tight to your tourmaline. Keep the tourmaline close and drink the tea as often as you like until the mercury is out of retrograde and things go back to normal! Source: SPELLS & POTIONS PROTECTION

Take extra care of your electronic gadgets and pamper yourself, take enough sleep and do some dream divination work.

Pallavi Srivastav & Bharti Jadhav


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