Understanding Figurine Candles in Spellwork

Understanding Figurine Candles in Spellwork

Entering a store, especially online, can be overwhelming with the plethora of candle varieties available. Human-shaped candles, including skull and figure candles, often catch our attention, each carrying its unique significance. These figurine candles can be used for diverse spellwork, ranging from healing and compassion to attracting love, abundance, and more. It's essential to understand the symbolism, colors, and types of candles to align them with the intended spellwork for optimal results.

The Role of Herbs & Oils:

While not mandatory, herbs and oils significantly enhance the potency of magical workings. Incorporating them into spellwork provides additional layers of intention and energy, amplifying the desired outcomes.

Human Shape Candles – Male & Female:

Human-shaped candles, resembling voodoo dolls, focus energy on a specific subject. Whether a white female candle for healing, pink for friendship, or red for intense workings like sex magick, these candles offer a tangible focus for directed energy. The same applies to male figure candles.

Seven Knob Candles:

Also known as wish candles, seven knob candles facilitate spellwork over consecutive days. These candles can be employed for various intentions, such as attracting abundance, love, or friendship, as well as dispelling negativity. Perform the spell daily at a designated time, burning the candle completely on the seventh day.

Skull Candles:

Despite their eerie appearance, skull candles are potent representations of the mind. Ideal for seeking mental clarity or influencing someone's thoughts, white is used for healing, while black is employed for dispelling negativity or hexing.

Owl Candle:

Symbolizing messengers and possessing the ability to see in the dark, owl candles are excellent for spellwork related to seeking truth, guidance, or influencing dreams.

Couple Candle:

Designed for reconciliation and enhancing love and affection between two people, couple candles play a crucial role in relationship-focused spellwork.


While herbs, oils, and colors can enhance spellwork, the true power lies within the practitioner. Believing in oneself and harnessing willpower are essential components of successful magick. In situations where time is limited or ingredients are scarce, a simple candle magick ritual can still be effective. Understanding the symbolism and applications of different candles empowers practitioners to align their intentions with the desired outcomes.Pallavi Srivastav

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Very Interesting. Do you organise workshops or take classes on the subject ?
I love candles,and would like to utilise them more meaningfully.

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So ,well explained. I’m curious to read more. Thank you so much. God bless you Pallavi


Thank you so much ..this is so special for me ..all this knowledge !!!god bless ..looking forward for some more duoerblogs from you❤️

Mala Rahi

Thank you so much for a well written and well explained meanings of the candles.Looking forward to more reads, written by you.Very educative indeed !

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