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Type of Figure Candles and their Uses

Thoughts you have in mind.

When you Visit a store or mostly online one at least in India, you can be confused as hell that what’s all going on in here with all these type of weird figure candles, also Skull and human Shape Candles are the one that immediately draws our attention to them, All the Candles do have their own respective importance. Although figurine Candles can be used for almost any type of spell work or energy work you are performing. For example, Healing. Compassion, Reconciliation, Attracting Love, Abundance Growth etc. also All the Colours in Candle plays important role as well. So, you need to chose your candle colour accordingly in order to get the desired results with the intended spell work.

Importance of Herbs & Oils in to Spell Work

It’s not necessary that you have to incorporate the herbs and oil or colour or the type of candle to perform a successful spell work. But know Herbs and Oils have their own importance in any magical workings and it only improve and increase the potency of the work you are doing.

Moving on to the Type of Candles and their uses, most of you guys already Know the Colour correspondence for the candle magick and if you don’t, I will cover that topic in my next blog post. So, I will right away jump in to explaining the figurine candles and how they work.

Human Shape Candles – Male & Female.

These Candles are almost like a voodoo doll but of course voodoo doll is totally different thing but the form of Male and female figure represent human form and when you have a subject, like a physical body/subject that is Candle in this case makes your work more focused and content.

It’s easy to direct your energy in to particular subject if you have something physical as that’s how our human mind works, we always need something to focus our energy.

You can perform any spell work you intend to do according to your needs and that’s how you chose the candle, for example a white female candle can be used in giving healing to a female following by adding herbs and oil to improve the result in spell work and that’s how you can use Pink Female for attracting a protentional friendship towards someone (i.e. to whomever the candle is representing) ,Red Female Candle can be used in more intense working like sex magick, attracting a protentional partner , getting an upper hand in relationship situation or over all power so that’s how list goes on and the same applies to Male Figure Candle.

I will try covering Colour correspondence and the type of spell work you can perform with the candle in next blog post.

Seven Knob Candles

Seven Knob Candle Also Known as wish Candle, the spell work that you plan for consecutive days can be done by seven-day Knob Candles. The Knob Candle can be used in almost any kind of spell work, Including getting rid of debt, attracting abundance, attracting love in General, Attracting Friendship or companion, Getting Rid of Negativity, Healing etc.

It’s Just that it is done in more discipline way, Chose the timing and place that best suits you so nobody can disturb you in those timing. You can begin your spell work at one determined time every day for seven days. You can burn the candle completely on the seventh day.


Skull Candles

Skull Candles look little nasty and creepy but believe me that’s the best representation when you referring to certain person mind or in that case your own mind. When seeking some guidance and mental clarity you may perform spell work with Skull Candles, almost all kind of spell work can be done by it. But when it comes to tapping in to someone’s mind kind of magick then this is a great Candle to do that, Just Saying White for sending healing etc & Black for getting rid of negativity and negative patterns also can be uses in hexes as well.

Owl Candle

Owl are seen as a messenger and they have ability to see in dark, when performing spell that includes seeking truth, guidance from the other side or may be sending dreams to someone, Owl Candles do wonder if Channelled and focused your energy properly.

Couple Candle

As the Heading says it’s really a candle that help in reconciliation in relationship, Spells that includes spicing up relationship, increasing love and affection between two people etc. This Candle is majorly used for our most essential need and that is Love.

Also don’t forget the magick comes from within and the major trick is done by the performer itself by believing in their own self and their own will power.

So Yes, the conclusion is if you are in hurry and wants to perform a simple candle magick and you don’t have any herbs, roots or oils handy you can still perform the spell.

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