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House Cleansing & Protection Smudge Kit | Cleansing & Smudging Ritual

House Cleansing & Protection Smudge Kit | Cleansing & Smudging Ritual

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Kit Contents and Uses

This kit includes the following items, along with an instruction manual:

  • 50 g of Sage: Used for purification and cleansing rituals.
  • Cast Iron Incense Holder with Wooden Handle: Ideal for safely burning various types of incense.
  • Selenite Plate (Random Design): Used for energy clearing and charging other crystals.
  • Sea Salt: Employed in protection and purification rituals.
  • Black Tourmaline Chunk: Provides grounding and protection against negative energies.
  • Myrrh: Utilized in spiritual and healing practices for its cleansing properties.
  • Frankincense: Enhances meditation and spiritual growth.
  • Copal: Used for purification, protection, and attracting positive energy.
  • Dragon's Blood: Strengthens the potency of rituals and spells.
  • Pack of 1 Charcoal Disc: For burning resins and loose incense

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pallavi Kumar
Wonderful product

Easy to manage as everything is there in one kit

Anna Jain
Loved it

Loved all the things inside. It’s always fun to open these kits and explore all the items. The products are of good quality.

Zenobia Dmello

I really did love every single product that I did order from the Lilith store!
I highly recommend the house cleansing and protection kit too as I’ve noticed a huge difference in energy with the calmness I’ve been craving for in my house space. I must say that the instructions and every single product was crafted and packed with love and I am super grateful to have stumbled across this store! I now know if I need witchy stuffs, this is gonna be my go to store!♥️♥️

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