Blue Moon to do things

Blue Moon to do things

Full Moon will occur on Saturday, October 31, 2020, at 10:49 AM ET, and is known as the Full Hunter's Moon, Micro Full Moon & Blue Moon. Also, Blue Moon occurring on the Night of Halloween makes it even more special. Imagine the energies of Moon and at the same time thinning of veil makes the perfect combination to perform any type of potent magick.

A Blue Moon on October 31 or Halloween night occurs almost roughly every 19 years, thanks to the Metonic cycle, so it is not very rare. But because of time zones, not every location on the globe gets to enjoy it at the same time. Some parts of the United States, for instance, haven't seen a Halloween Blue Moon since 2001, while others haven't seen one since 1955!

So yes this one is litte rare if we are referring the time span of "19 years, it is actually “Once in a Blue moon” term type of Blue Moon and we should not sit around and let go this magical occurrence, Also did you know that this year 2020 we have 13 Full Moons rather an odd number right ? Which obviously is to the majority of other religious believer but for us we all know it’s the luckiest number ain't we?

Anyways Lets begin with the actual post and I am sure everyone has their own Ritual or Spell planned for this prominent day already but for those who are new to this path I am writing this simple guided Ritual and things which you can do to utilize all the powerful and tremendous energy of Moon.

Although I would highly recommend to do some self-work to take actual benefit of this rare Blue Moon of 2020, this year was a rollercoaster for each one of us not just here the wave of pandemic took over the world and things have heavily influenced people and their lives. So many of us have lost Job, Business & our love ones, this year actually bought a major destruction in majority of people lives and left them devastated and because of the same reason majority of us are still dealing with those traumatic experiences which we had throughout the year.

I would really suggest you guys to work on releasing ritual, release the emotions, setback, guilt, pain, depression caused by the events that may have happened to you because end of the day you are continuously building a pattern around you which will only stop you from moving further and growing. Things that have happened no matter how bad and heart-breaking it was, is already done now and you are doing no good to yourself by holding on that emotion.

Note – I would suggest to eat light on the day of Blue Moon as that will help you achieve the alter consciousness (a meditative state) of yours when doing any ritual, energy or spell work or divination alone


The first and utmost important step which many of us tend to neglect most of the time. It is important to have firm foundation if you building something right? The same way basics are important in order to execute rituals and spells.

Decide the time and the place where you be doing your Ritual or Spell work and then Cleanse it with the four elements, Cleansing Ritual link is following.

Once done with cleansing of space, Cleanse the all the items that you might be going to use in Ritual like Photographs, Cauldrons, Candle, Bell, Paper, Pen etc

Once done you may now take Cleansing Sea Salt Bath, The Link for it is following as well


Since the veil is thin and it is the best time to make contact with other side & for that I would really suggest you set up an alter for your deceased one. The one you might had connection with in past and now they are no more. It’s great time to honour them and to communicate with them. It’s okay that if you are not psychically that aware or groomed to understand the communication from the other side but you can still do your part.

Make an offering to them with some fresh flowers and natural incense , (for offering I would suggest you to make them something they might have loved in their life) Sit and Relax ,Welcome them and Offer them their offering by saying it in your mind eye and express gratitude to them for being there every time and express whatever you went through or might be going through.

Talk to them as if you are actually talking to someone, say everything that was in your mind or heart all this time and you were unable to speak about it to anyone. Cry if you feel to , you might experience certain emotions like sadness, happiness or excitement let the emotion take over you, Express it let it out and then ask them to help you heal those emotions now, Ask them to take care of you, ask them for their guidance in your future endeavours. In short seek their blessings because you won’t get it until you ask. So just do that.

Releasing work

Light a Black Candle and write everything that you don't want anymore on the parchment paper or blank paper (paper should have no line) Be it Emotion, Person, Situation etc, Fold it three times away from you and ask your deceased ones to take care of it, ask them to banish it and help you heal from the situation or emotion, while you doing this whole process feel every ounce of it, You got to feel that and then simply burn the paper in the fire proof dish or cauldron you work with.

Note - The offereing that you might have offered to the deceased once, you may leave it to the four cross roads or you can give them to someone who is in need of it.

Once you are done with the Honouring and releasing work you may perform a spell work that you might had plan already. All you need to do is to continue with your spell work, following are the type of spell work and work that you can do to utilise this moon energy

  1. Selflove Spell – Empowering oneself
  2. Prosperity & Abundance or Money Spell
  3. Love & Lust Spell
  4. Exclusive sex magick with your partner
  5. Beauty Spell
  6. Attraction Spell etc.

Also don’t forget to lay down your crystals, magical items and may be your favourite lipstick under Blue moon. You are actually infusing the very best of Moon energy that night.

Blessed Be

Pallavi Srivastav

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This is something which any individual can apply for their ancestors and pray them and this may help them to connect with them.
This is something letting go is also needed with time to know reasons of happenings. I really enjoyed and followed happily. Thank You. 👏


This is my first ever Blue Moon Ritual 💫🖤 and this post helped me a lot!💫🖤💫🖤💫


Thank you so much Pallavi.. you make things so simple and I love reading each and every article of yours.. although I’ve never really performed a spell myself but would love to do so and you really inspire me!!


Thank you so much for this informative post. Was really looking for a blog post on the things I can actually do during a Blue moon. Looks like I’ve got the best one. Thanks once again. Lots of love to you❤️


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