About us

This Store is not just only about magickal supplies but about all things organic & natural. The world needs healing, we need healing and that is why it is necessary to connect with the roots , to connect with the mother nature.

Here at The Lilith Store, I try to create a wide variety of pieces such as bracelets, pendants, customized candles, crystals, crystal jewellery, herbs, bath salts and more.

All of these pieces are created keeping spirituality and the metaphysical state of mind, in mind. So most if not all of these pieces are inspired by spirituality or are based on the need of the consumer. The herbs and bath salts are all created using my own recipe. These are all created for self-improvement purposes such as self love, upliftment of mood and more.
While everything has a different purpose, customization of the pieces is always possible. To create all of these pieces, I decided to do a course as I have always been inclined towards these pieces

I decided to take the plunge and start creating these pieces on a full time basis and once I began, there was no looking back for me!

I will be coming up with new stuff  very often now and in return I would love if you let me know how those products worked for you in the review section or by just messaging me.

Welcome to TheLilithStore!

My name is Pallavi - I am the owner of this venture and I have been pursuing this on a full-time basis for the past seven years now.

Thank You.
Pallavi Srivastav
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