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Clarity & Lucidity Spell | Clear vision Spell

Hello fellow spiritual soul… here we are with candle magick spell for clarity, lucidity. Since we want clarity this spell best to be performed on Wednesday or Saturday – on the day of Mercury of Witches planet Saturn. You may feel inspired or attracted to add herbs like lemon, lemon grass, incense, oils your mostly encountered stuffs – like you gather feathers, seashells, different flowers any item which is most resonating with your vision and near dear to you.
Get one bowl of clear water and a notepad (without lines) and pen. Also, a hand fan or large feather if you have one.
Set bowl water in from of your candle colour could be any white or blue or purple candle. Light the candle and ask it to aid you in finding mental clarity. Its essential to feel and speak your intentions loudly to your candle even if you have to whisper. Speak your magick.
Relax your body and mind and meditate on the bowl of water. As thoughts come up in your mind jot them down quickly onto the piece of paper and then let them go. As your pen scribbles out the thought, visualize it leaving your mind. See it drift down from your body and anchor itself on the page.
After each thought is written down return your focus to the candle and water. You can use the feather or hand fan to gently fan your face or bowl of water to get any stubborn mental images to blow away. Continue to do this exercise for 20 to 30 minutes or until your mind is clear.
Look at the list of things you wrote down. Tear or cut the page, so each item is on a separate strip of paper. Start with the least important or most harmful thought and burn it. Burn any fears of future events. As each paper burns see that fear or worry being burned away. Know and trust that everything is going to be okay, that you are the master of your future.
Evaluate the last 1-3 strips of paper. Are these things important? Is this the answer you were looking for or can these be burned away too?
When you're done, let the candle burn for another hour or two. I imagine the candle filling the space with magic and the magic seeping into every fiber of my being, into my clothes, my skin, my hair.
Try to perform this ritual once a week until the candle is gone. When the candle is gone keep the stone on your altar or in your pocket. The stone capture the essence of the ritual and can act as a talisman if you wish.


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