How to Phrase Effective Tarot Card Questions and Get the Most From Your Readings:

How to Phrase Effective Tarot Card Questions and Get the Most From Your Readings:

Whether we are doing reading for self or doing reading for others it is our supreme responsibility to get most from our tarot reading. Most influential aspects of a tarot reading happens before the reading even starts i.e. state of your mind with right kind of questions can make your tarot readings productive, insightful and path finder toward new goal / dream. There is a reason behind why I am writing this blog and what am I supposed to convey, without clarity of mind you will get answers from your tarot reading will be confusing and even disappointing during the high tide in your life. There is a saying that “Don’t make any decision when you’re emotional” Basically, whenever you’re really sad, upset or even deliriously happy, you shouldn’t make any decisions. Tarot is one of the best divination tools gifted to mankind, so just waiting a few days or giving it right trial will prevent you from making you impulsive decisions that you might regret later.   

You need to abide by rules asking tarot card question for a reading. We are having list of pointers, which should be followed to have illuminating reading than just depressing experience for either party involved in it.

So let’s get started here!

Every reader is different. Find you vibe with!

While I am saying this is mainly due to not all readers synchronize same way with you, or your client feel correct subject to provide reading which is main motto of full set up and this should be served good for you. But sine tarot is about establishing trust between yourself and your reader, the key is finding somebody with similar energy and purpose. Intention and synchronization changes the information you get. It’s not that the cards themselves are going to say something different; it’s about the translation that matters.

Ask questions those are open minded

Opening up to reader or your client with open minded questions is what needed to have rich experience on tarot reading.

Biggest error we make is start will I get married to so-and-so person? Don’t do it. Do what do I need to know to enter in marriage with so-and-so person?

Questions should be healthy rather than unproductive and unethical to nature or both. Also never enter into questions asking on behalf of somebody else, which means you are trying to control what is uncontrollable; don’t promote such practices which may create hindrance in your path.

Your power lies in your hands, if you don’t like what you hear change it. Yeah simply change it.

No need to get worried if reading didn’t contain good news, it’s just time being reading as energy keep changing. This reading is energy around you and your circumstance and what and how you’re feeling about, you can always change the route not the destination necessarily. 

Keep your questions focused on present and nothing related time and so on.

Despite of its like fortune telling, a tarot reading is actually beneficial when it is used to focus on the present moment, and not one’s journey what in future looks like. It will be making you feel stressed out or claustrophobic about impending time frame. One should remember what they will do today will shape their future anyways. Do’s what do I need to do make most of this situation?..

The death and devil cards are not always omens

If your reader pulls some cards that look scary. Don’t freak out. They are not what you think they are. The death card can be about physical death in tarot card, but then too its once in a blue moon. So here it’s about transformation. Let say you are afraid of relationships and you get upright page of cups and upright three of sword and next is page of pentacle.. it simply means you gave your best in your past to balance things manifest your dream love life, but you faced heart break but then three of swords are upright hence swords are now coming down as you are heading towards new opportunity with pentacle coming out means the whole situation has created strong foundation for you now. It doesn’t mean that you are not going enjoy relationship; it’s just that transformation process is going on and there’s going to be win-win situation for you.

Similarly death card that something unhealthy is dying and renewal is taking place, devil card speaks breaking pattern which you are not breaking, judgment card saying that you have served your karmic connection. These are just reminders of you being more authentic and true to yourself.

Tarot often helps confirm what you already know.

Sometimes people seek guidance from others to validate what their gut is already telling them. Tarot readings can help with that, too. Try and be approaching, more you share and exchange thoughts on situation your reading is likely to get more accurate than just trying to prove your mettle. You may know answers already but to get more confidence in yourself, to build intuition, to start trusting yourself. And sometimes that’s all we need one accurate reading.


Bharti Jadhav

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