Lucky Hoodoo Green Rice

Lucky Hoodoo Green Rice

Merry meet fellow workers, since the year 2022 is ruled by planet Venus let us all have maximum utilization of this opportunity by creating that wealth and abundance for self and our loved ones. If you have not tried green hoodoo money rice you are out missing something!!
Green Money Rice is traditional in Hoodoo, New Orleans Voodoo and Gypsy Magick, a great to shift energies, attract prosperity and abundance, drawing employment / business, success AND MONEY. 

We have been talking about lighter version of tips and tricks so far but now is the time where we need to take a step ahead, since craft is very personal thing and everyone has their own way to do it and so do I.

I am someone who majorly incorporate voodoo and hoodoo elements in my craft and today I am sharing one of a very popular work which I am sure some of you might have already heard it,
It can be used for charm bags, bottle spells, using in work space like sprinkling wallet / house or place it in open container on your money altar / drawers / box.
Hoodoo green money rice is made in a traditional way with superior elements including money drawing herbs, road opening herbs, success attracting herbs etc.. viz Rice, Crystal, Money note, Dice, Essential oils from other herbs with some easy steps.
Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice
1 fine metal like copper / glass bowl
1 bowl rice
1 small bottle food color green
1 tablespoon golden glitter
1 currency note specifically 10 Rupees
Cinnamon powder
Stones / Dice
Basil and Pepper mint leaves
Tissue papers
Take crystal jar mix your rice well with food coloring and any holy water or moon water (charged with attraction intention). Mix all well leave this mix outside under moonlight or near area where moon light falls freely without third party disturbance. Next morning before sur rise take rice, dry mix on tissue papers, let tissue paper soak excess water.
Once it is dry mix rice with cinnamon powder, gold glitter, shredded money, herbs, dice and your choice of money attraction stones. Mix this mixture well visualizing its attracting wealth and every day money is flowing free towards you.
There are many ways you can use this rice mixture in your benefit:
Adding this bowl on money altar
Feed your mojo bags and charm for wealth and money
Sprinkle in your home / office all corners
Keeping it in big bowl near the door or your home or office
Dressing your money work spells
Also you may experiment your own best ways to use this mixture and enjoy blessing of universe and your ancestors, BUT do not forget to let us know how this worked wonders for you!!
Be Well…!!!

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Constructive working … Put your best thoughts while making these to get best out of it. Enchanted stuffs will give you the best results.


Thank you so much for such amazing magic in making recipe ❤️

Shilpa Mishra

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