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Money Bowl

As we stated earlier trying and getting maximum benefits from the year 2022. We are heading towards assembling the money bowl. Put it together for new year on new year's day like Makar Sankranti where Hindus pray to “THE SUN” and thank for their successes and prosperity, attitude of gratitude is a way to attract more and why not!!
Items you need:
Sea Salt to create base, Copper or Crystal Bowl as a tool to keep spell items, Cinnamon sticks - to attract and draw money, Bay leaves for enhancement with intentions written, Dried thyme - to attract and draw money, Rolled up dollar bill / money note, 7 pennies for endurance and persistence and intent to complete for this intent, Green color semi stone / pyrite to add growth and the protection to your working (also green color is for money work), Lodestone with silver magnetic sand (sprinkled on to attract – if available / not mandatory as in India finding one is difficult otherwise you can replace it with your intention).
Add money attraction dry herbs like Allspice, Cinnamon, Thyme mixed together in a small spice bottle.
Incense to attract repel negative and attract positive
One more coin to add in bowl next day for stability and bringing strength
"Feed" the Lodestone with magnetic sand each day to keep energies built and in working state
You would need to work on conjure on daily basis to keep it active and alive,
Make your petition paper to attract ‘x’ amount of money by ‘x’ date… put it in or below the bowl. Add sea salt in bowl visualizing your goal getting fulfilled and things you are able to do with the fulfilled goal. Place all items one by one with summoning their spirits and requesting them to align and help you in your desire to achieve its result like: spirit of mighty cinnamon help me to achieve my money goal sweetly and quickly – say same words to herbs in odd numbers 3,5,7 unless you feel that herb is activated - keep chanting it while keeping tab on your count.. Once you are done with putting all items burn candle in bowl with incense and meditate upon your goal and finally release your intention in universe and show your gratitude for it. Once you have achieved your target with high respect dismantle your bowl in nature without creating harm and thank universe for supporting you.
I have tried to elaborate step, you may mold it to your judgment. Would eagerly wait to hear from you on your experiences, till then blessed it be!!

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