Tarot, Tips or Trick ?

Tarot, Tips or Trick ?

*Tools for divination: one of the prominent and widely used tools is TAROT cards and tips should be followed by beginners to make most out of it, it is - exceeding its usage beyond from just a game. Even if you use tarot for fun, the capacities of this great tool is that it far exceeds a simple game… and be your true guide in your spiritual journey.*

*Here we are going to provide some simple yet powerful tricks to be followed to get best out of your readings. Doesn’t matter you are beginner or a professional reader but some basic law should be followed by all of us viz…*

1/10 – choose a deck that feels right example: there are so many different tarot decks out there, and it’s obvious to get confused in variety of availability. If you are attracted towards two decks but you are not sure which deck to go ahead with? While it’s important to find a deck which does more resemble with your personality and needs. There is should be no hurry in purchasing any deck, to get clarity - make a deal with universe to guide you; I made my deal by saying if this deck remains in stock till day dd/mm/yy. I proceeded and purchased same to practice and made it my best friend for a life time to steer.

2/10 – Spend your time with the cards, some choose to keep them, some while sleeping keeping deck below cushion, some do their daily practice without gap. Initially I am done with my own self introduction with each card and asking them to help with more accurate answers when requested. As if they are going to get curios to come / fall out as per my question to help me with resonating outcome.

3/10 – Don’t try and start finding meaning for card(s) in leaflet you get with cards or just Google; but yes asking some reliable source is exclusion to assist with meaning(s). See card and think deep about your question then concentrate on previous card and present card. Isn’t it simple and yet best? Like what is going on in this tarot card? Color – notice the colors in your tarot card. Is there any confusion on it if it’s mixed of color, one color or just color is missing out of it? Trust your intuition here.

4/10 – Take deep breaths, settle yourself well – if possible do meditation for 10 minutes, before every reading this will help you to stop your cluttering mind thoughts and deliver more precise picture of your Tarot reading purpose. When you are relaxed and your mind is quiet, the soft voice of your intuition can be heard well too. You may feel this bit hectic initially, but as they say ‘practice makes a man perfect’.

5/10 – Choose one card a day - start small. Do reading for each day with one card. This will help you to focus on that card, which may elaborate your day or your that specific situation will look like based on your question. In the morning pull a card to represent what you need to know for the day. At the ends of each day or situation just evaluate your state of mind and phenomenon your intuition gave you through cards initially. Doing this often will help you to connect to your tarot cards and insightfulness in a deeper way.

6/10 – Making spread only 1-3 basis that is Past, Present &. Future position. This is one of the easiest ways to do tarot card reading to know gist of reading intention. More emphasizing on present asking back to back to questions pertaining to phase give you confidence on your reading as well. For example – I did reading for Covid – 19 phases and that was apt for me to understand. Past card was The Star, Present card was The Hermit and the Future card was Three of Swords. For any beginner it’s very easy to understand why we are going through this Covid – 19, it came as if it was destined falling something from universe, which is supported by starts and the planetary position, someone is cleansing and nurturing our mighty mother earth, making us to think and provoking self introspection by leaving us all alone seeing the hermit says, journey from old to new has started and the ultimate card three of swords reflects sorrow, grief, hurt and emotional pain would be followed BUT again this is going to end as well. So making spread of three is worth.

7/10 – Read Cards for Yourself, Pay no attention to those who says you can’t read Tarot for yourself. Tarot card is such a powerful tool for personal development and self-discovery so make best use of it. In fact it’s always advisable to be your own guide first, it will set another level of confidence in you and also you will get to know more about the tarot and about your own sixth sense. Windfall!

8/10 – Find your own study buddy who will help to understand or pass on his own meaning of cards / reading to you, this way you both will get opportunity to explore and practice card readings together. You can teach each other about the Tarot, share your diversity and inclusion in disguise. YES we are up for it!

9/10 – Learn key words every day, forget the rules. No rush game to memorize everything in one go. Go slow and yet steady. Process of learning should be encouraging, enlightening BUT certainly not frustrating or pressurizing. So GO SLOW WORK IN PROGRESS. Need not to set time frame to learn tarot cards, take your own pace – but yes you have to spend more time in practice, practice and more practice minimum one hour per week you may start with? There are no rules, yet learn as you are going to live forever with your cards :))

10/10 – Using Your Tarots Mindfully, beginners are tend to make mistake is that they ask same question over and over, hoping to get a better answer each time? Or just doing a reading when they’re down or emotional or feeling broken to get answer of their choice!!? Instead please use tarot with care and love. Draw cards when you are in good mood with an open heart. Treat your great divination tool with respect and give yourself too. Analyze situation by giving enough time from pervious reading, unless changes you have seen in circumstance to justify new reading, this is to accept wise advice of TAROT CARDS they carry to offer you. Deal ?

Happy Tarot Reading To Y’all !! Hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog and stay tuned for more in THE LILITH STORE.

Bharti U Jadhav

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Thank you💞 for your guidance on card reading… This is very important topic for advice to follow. Nw I want to buy one deck pending from long time 😍🙂

Heena Kaur

This was really lovely and immensely helpful to a novice like me.

Shailee Vyas

This is really helpful for novices and adepts alike! Been a solitary practitioner for some time and what I need is a partner to exchange notes on tarot :))


Easy to follow and understand,for new beginners.Not like others see which we see on internet and get confused ,what to follow and what not

Garima Sharma

This is quite helpful information for beginners. Good Read – will wait for more posts on taro card.


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