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Psychic Detox Epsom Bath Salt - 180 g

Psychic Detox Epsom Bath Salt - 180 g

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Psychic Detox  Epsom Bath Salt - 180 g in Glass Bottle Packaging

Note - This contains pure essential oils not fragrances

Bath Salt Contain

  1. Peppermint Essential oil
  2. Rosemary
  3. Epsom Salt

You might have experience peppermint fragrance at some point of your life, This beauty is packed with so many great effects.


  • Helps in relieving Body ache & Headache 
  • Helps in treating Itching or irritation on skin, when used tropically.
  • Peppermint freshness and coolness is totally refreshing when used in bath salt. 
  • Magical Properties: Healing, Love, Purification
  • Spiritual Properties: Concentration, Regeneration, Vibrance


  • Rosemary helps reducing puffiness and swelling.
  • It's great for healing burns and soothes the skin.
  • Magickal Properties: Healing, Love, Protection, Purification, Strength
  • Spiritual Properties: Clarity, Energy, Upliftment, String will

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is know for so many wonderful effects on & in our body, Epsom is basically a chemical compound made of Magnesium, Sulfur and Oxygen and that is why it is bit different from our table salt.

Epsom Salt uses

  • The number one use is certainly in our personal care as a Bath Salt although i have few of them ready with different blend of essential oil and herbs which you can definitely check out in personal care section. Using it as bath salt helps you relieve stress and promotes peaceful sleep.
  • You can also use the salt with equal amount of your conditioner and apply through your scalp and rinse it then.
  • Make your own scrub with adding some amount of epsom with your any massaging cream or mix it with some olive oil and directly use it as a scrub.
  • Simply add some in you bath tub and let it dissolve and then soak yourself in.
  • Use some salt in your bucket full of warm water and soak your feet in to get odorless and smooth heels and toes.


 Psychic Detox Epsom Bath Salt-180 g in Glass Bottle PackagingT

his bath salt is packed with actualy rosemary & Peppermint essential oil, This combo us really amazing itself in spiritual detoxification

Magical self-care ritual Advice

When you need it ?

It is because there are time when people like us I am talking about those people who are on this spiritual path be it Tarot Reader, Numerelogist , Reiki Healer, Healer , Spell Caster or anything in similar field . Its easy to feel drained and that is why it;s really important to get back your strength and power to keep and push yourself foward.

How to do it?

Simply light the candle or dim the lights or completely switch off, Put few drops of your favorite essential oil in oil diffuser and let the aroma fill the room.

Put some Epsom Bath Salt in warm water and soak your feet in. Close your eyes and sit calmly for 15-20 minutes or meditate whatever pleases you

Apart from them you do same ritual in your bath tub if you have one. Soak yourself in that magical water thinking and visualising like all negativity is leaving you now and going dow to drain and now you are rejuvenate and calm.

Repeat  this whener you feel to.

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