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Emerald Chips Bracelet | Helps in overcoming misfortune

Emerald Chips Bracelet | Helps in overcoming misfortune

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For many centuries, a number of authorities promoted emerald’s ability to help magicians see visions.  When placed under the tongue, it was also said to help predict the future.  As the stone of truth, emerald was thought to protect against unwanted spells or enchantment, so magicians used them to shield themselves from both malevolent spirits and the conjurations of others.

Emerald fortifies the spirit and helps to overcome misfortune.  It brings a sense of joy, recovery, and rejuvenation to the downtrodden.  It cures claustrophobia and rage as it inspires a sense of wellbeing.  It brings subconscious thought to the forefront, and promotes self-awareness.

How to Cleanse Elastic band Crystal & Stone Bracelets.

  1. You can submerge the bracelet in to sea salt water for 5 Minutes and then remove or you can just fill the bowl with Sea Salt and Keep the Crystal Bracelets on it. 
  2. Leave it under Moonlight on full moon or any phase of moon overnight,
  3. Take the crystals inside before sulight hit directly to the crystals.
  4. For the detail information on how to Cleanse & Charge crystals follow the following link

Do's & Don't with the Crystal & Stones Bracelet

  1. Since they have elastic band base don't leave it inside water for long or the elastic will start getting loose or may eventually can break.
  2. Always remove your Crystal Bracelets before going to shower.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and medical methods and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues

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Emerald Chips Bracelet | Helps in overcoming misfortune

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