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Epsom Salt (250 Gm)

Epsom Salt (250 Gm)

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Epsom Salt ( 250 Gm)

Epsom salt is know for so many wonderful effects on & in our body, Epsom is basically a chemical compound made of Magnesium, Sulfur and Oxygen and that is why it is bit different from our table salt.

Epsom Salt uses :

  • The number one use is certainly in our personal care as a Bath Salt although i have few of them ready with different blend of essential oil and herbs which you can definitely check out in personal care section. Using it as bath salt helps you relieve stress and promotes peaceful sleep.
  • You can also use the salt with equal amount of your conditioner and apply through your scalp and rinse it then.
  • Make your own scrub with adding some amount of epsom with your any massaging cream or mix it with some olive oil and directly use it as a scrub.
  • Simply add some in you bath tub and let it dissolve and then soak yourself in.
  • Use some salt in your bucket full of warm water and soak your feet in to get odorless and smooth heels and toes.

Customer Reviews

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Sugandh Katyal
Best in market

I just love it. It relaxes you when used in hot bath and soaking my body in it. Simply relaxes you. I have tried commercial epsom salt as well but its no where near to Lilith's. Finally found the one. Thank You.

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