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Loose Sage Herb Cut - 50 Gm

Loose Sage Herb Cut - 50 Gm

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1 Pack contains 50 Gram of Loose Sage cut

How to burn Sage cuts?

Simply Sprinkle it on Charcoal.

Sage can be used for Immortality,Longevity, Wisdom, Protection & Wishes

Sage is carried to promote wisdom and the leaves of it can be used in numerous money & prosperity Spells.

Sage is most used herb in rituals, spell and healing work, This sacred herb can be used as incense when burning actually this is how it is most used, You can burn sage to get rid of negative energy and influence


These Herbs are sold under or for entertainment and curious metaphysical properties of theirs, We do not claim any safe consumption of it, The Magickal, metaphysical and spiritual properties are derived from their respective traditional way of use in mythology as alternative spiritual practices. All Herbs are solely sold for their metaphysical and spiritual properties as a matter of interest in same.

Customer Reviews

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Priyamwada Kumari

Loose Sage Herb Cut - 50 Gm

Giselle Sequeira
Fragrance and quality - 💯

I had previously ordered sage smudge sticks from a seller on amazon. These from the lillith store are far better. I will definitely repurchase once i run out of stock.

Bidya Goswami

This was my second purchase of sage.It's better than the smudge sticks.

Pure and lovely vibe

My first from the Lilithstores, good amount of Sage cut leaves, and the aroma got me hooked.

good quality , good quantity

very good original product

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