Understanding Color Magick: Breaking Spells with Colors

Understanding Color Magick: Breaking Spells with Colors

Color magick is a fascinating aspect of the occult world, influencing the direction of energy and intention in spellwork. In this guide, we'll explore the significance of colors in breaking spells and how each hue plays a vital role in dispelling negative energies.

Color Correspondence for Breaking Spells:

1. White: White is a versatile color that can break a wide range of spells. It is particularly effective in reversing or uncrossing and proves helpful in lifting jinxes.

2. Orange:  When dealing with spells causing disruptions in friendships or the workplace, orange comes into play. It aids in breaking spells that create interpersonal conflicts.

3. Yellow: Yellow is associated with breaking spells that impact self-worth and personal recognition. It helps dispel feelings of inferiority and constant comparison to others.

4. Green: Breaking spells limiting financial growth or causing sickness can be accomplished using green. This color is especially effective in dispelling negative energies related to prosperity and health.

5. Pink: Pink is not only a color of love but also serves to break general negativity. It helps dispel feelings of not being special or cherished, fostering a positive and loving environment.

6. Black: Black is a potent color for breaking any kind of spell, particularly those with dark intentions. It is also useful in reversing spells and provides a protective barrier against negative forces.

Visualization and Intent:

The key to effective color magick lies in visualization and intent. As you work with each color, focus on the outcome you desire and channel your energy accordingly. Envision the color surrounding you, breaking through the negativity, and creating a shield of protection.


Understanding color correspondence in breaking spells adds depth and specificity to your magickal practices. Experiment with these colors in your spellwork, allowing your intentions to manifest with the vibrancy of each hue. Whether you're reversing negative energies or uncrossing obstacles, color magick provides a powerful tool for spiritual practitioners.

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