SIGIL Making for Beginners 

SIGIL Making for Beginners 

Merry Meet Dear All,

Today, I am going to share my experience on making sigil with you all which is basic yet powerful method to manifest your wishes or desires. In this blog we shall learn how to use sigil for different purposes. At the same time, you will also learn how to make your own sigil to reap maximum fruitfulness of your intention(s). We shall also understand how to activate and dissolve your workings in order to complete the initiated mission.

Sigil you are going to learn here would be very personal to you, hence you should be using it with responsibility eg. you should not use it to harm anyone, unless you are ready for any type of repercussions.

Similarly, sigil can be used to manifest anything you want, eg. finding job, success in your interview, winning heart of xyz person, resurrection of lost things eg. relationship, objects, bringing back your ex or new love, bringing abundance, safeguarding yourself / others from evil eye, bringing protection etc.

Needed items:

Your journal to write down the step you are following during working.

Blank paper (without lines) mainly white in colour, parchment paper etc.

Pencil or Pen or Marker colourful optional if you have would be great matching to your intention eg. Red for love, Blue for healing, Green/Yellow for abundance etc.

Candle or burner or matchstick box

Fire proof bowl or plate to burn the sigil

Space for work and to meditate, without any disturbance is mandatory

Choose your aim, wish and intention – put it into words

Eg. I am a healthy money magnet.

Eg. abundance, unexpected sweet money, INR 10000, healthy money.

Eg. Joe and I are dating exclusively. 

You may note above examples pertaining to the work to be done. 1. Free intention wherein you are declaring yourself ready to receive and grab all opportunities. 2. Key words you have set the target. 3. Your desire to have xyz dating you. Phrasing should be exact and without any second thought in receiving it, in a way you should vibe your wish.


Choose your sentence: “I AM HEALTHY MONEY MAGNET” – exclude 5 vowels from your sentence i.e. A.E.I.O.U. Consonants are all other letters.

Our sentence became : MHLTHYMNY

More shredding of repeating words i.e. H and Y

Now we have “MHLTYMN” join all word and add your own symbols whichever you would like to incorporate (blog image can be referred).

Take sigil in your palm cover it with your dominant hand palm and charge it with your energy for sometime around 11 minute. Once you feel its charged properly and live take your time, settle and burn the sigil releasing its energy in the universe. Ash of it can be kept and utilized in same purpose next working or rub your hands with it, rub on body, temple etc. You can make sigil(s) to keep it in your wallets, to add in your bottle jars, to add in bowl work provided you are charging the same in a timely fashion at least once in 21 days.

Hope y’all liked reading blog if you have any query write back to us.

Blessed it be. Love and Light_TheCall

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Why the repeating word M is not omitted and it comes twice in it ?

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Thanks so much for sharing this! Very useful 💫

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