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Rose Quartz Raw Stone | Stone for Love & Self Confidence

Rose Quartz Raw Stone | Stone for Love & Self Confidence

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Important - These Stones are natural hence littlle imperfection & scratch are normal, each stone is unique and they can be little different than the other

  • Item - Natural Crystal
  • Crystal type - Raw Stone
  • Quantity - Listing is for 1 quantity.
  • Usage - small or medium size raw stones can be placed on altar, office desk and can be carried in purse or bag, can be used for meditation, making crystal grids etc

Rose quartz is like a love magnet, drawing in positive feelings and relationships. It's like a comfort blanket for your emotions, soothing your heart during tough times. This crystal isn't just about romantic love; it's also your friend-maker, bringing harmony to relationships. Need a boost in self-love? Rose quartz is like a reminder to be kind to yourself. Its gentle energy feels like a warm hug, making you feel nurtured and supported. Whether you're looking for forgiveness or better sleep, rose quartz is like a gentle companion in the crystal world

 Due to variations in display devices, the actual color of this product may appear slightly different when viewed on computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone screens.

How to Cleanse your crystals

  • Cleanse with the Four Elements - The most popular and efficient way to cleanse and attune is to use the four elements - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Fill a glass or ceramic bowl with sea salt and water, then submerge the crystals for five minutes. Drain the water and leave the crystals to sit in the bowl, not in direct sunlight, overnight. On the second day, give the crystals a salt water bath and take them inside before the sunlight hits them. Move them through incense smoke with the intention of cleansing, then move them over fire, keeping a safe distance. Take the crystals in your dominant hand and charge them with your intentions. Visualize a white light surrounding your body, then direct this energy into your crystals. When you feel the heaviness, you are done. Wear the crystals or keep them with you.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and medical methods and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Sailo

Rose Quartz Mini Raw Stone | Stone for Love & Self Confidence


I got a raw Rose quartz ,lovely light pink colour. Was well packed with a thank u card, delivered right on time. Its really affordable and good quality stone .


I bought two generously sized chunks with a lovely pink glow. And they have such a lovely energy too. Definitely the real deal.

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