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Raw Stones Set of 9 | for Meditation & Rituals

Raw Stones Set of 9 | for Meditation & Rituals

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These Raw Stones come in smaller pieces, allowing for more versatility. Use them in your meditation, rituals, spells, and more to access their powerful energy.

The Set contains - 09 Pcs of Raw Stone and Crystal, following are the names

  1. Green Aventurine - Green aventurine is like a good luck charm in the crystal world. People believe it brings positive vibes, good fortune, and can make you feel calm and happy. It's also linked to the heart, helping with emotional balance and healing. Think of it as a little helper for your mood, creativity, and even your goals – like a friendly nudge in the right direction. While some folks see it as a tool for good energy and luck, it's essential to remember that crystal benefits are personal and can vary.
  2. Clear Quartz - Clear quartz is like a superhero crystal. It brings good vibes, boosts your energy, and helps you feel better when you're not at your best. It clears up mental fog, supports healing, and even connects you to a more spiritual side of things. Think of it as your personal positive energy charger!
  3. Rose Quartz - Rose quartz is like a love magnet, drawing in positive feelings and relationships. It's like a comfort blanket for your emotions, soothing your heart during tough times. This crystal isn't just about romantic love; it's also your friend-maker, bringing harmony to relationships. Need a boost in self-love? Rose quartz is like a reminder to be kind to yourself. Its gentle energy feels like a warm hug, making you feel nurtured and supported. Whether you're looking for forgiveness or better sleep, rose quartz is like a gentle companion in the crystal world.
  4. Rainbow Moonstone - Rainbow moonstone is like a comforting friend for your emotions. It helps calm stress and boosts your intuition, making you trust your instincts more. Think of it as a symbol of fresh starts, like a little push for positive changes. It's also connected to the moon, bringing a natural, nurturing energy. If you're feeling stuck creatively, rainbow moonstone is like a spark for your imagination. In relationships, it enhances feelings of love, and by your bedside, it makes your dreams more peaceful. It's like having a colorful and supportive buddy in the crystal world.
  5. Amethyst - Amethyst is like a calming friend for your emotions, reducing stress and bringing peace. It's also a spiritual buddy, helping you connect to higher consciousness and trust your gut feelings. Picture it as a positivity magnet, keeping negative vibes away. When placed near your bed, it becomes a bedtime companion, encouraging sweet dreams. Amethyst provides emotional support during tough times and sparks creativity when you're feeling stuck. It's like a protective shield against negativity and a balancer for your emotions, promoting clarity of mind. In the crystal world, amethyst is your supportive and calming companion.  
  6. Lapiz LAzuli - Lapis Lazuli is like a wise friend. It helps you communicate better and brings a sense of calm to your feelings. Think of it as a helper for learning and understanding things deeply. It supports your intuition and makes you feel more confident and empowered. If you're stuck creatively, Lapis Lazuli sparks your imagination. It also connects you to spiritual vibes and acts like a protective shield against negativity. In the crystal world, Lapis Lazuli is your wise and supportive companion.
  7. Black Tourmoline - Black Tourmaline is like a protective shield against bad vibes. It keeps you grounded and helps you stay calm by absorbing stress. It acts as a superhero against electronic smog from devices and attracts good energy. This crystal also boosts your confidence and supports your overall well-being. Placing it near your bed can make your sleep better. In the crystal world, Black Tourmaline is your protective and grounding friend.
  8. Tiger's eye - Tiger Eye is like a personal cheerleader. It gives you courage, protects you from negativity, and helps you stay balanced. Think of it as a clarity crystal, clearing your mind and making decisions easier. It also grounds you, making you feel stable and rooted. Tiger Eye attracts good things, like opportunities and prosperity, and boosts your determination to achieve goals. In tough times, it's like a comforting friend, providing emotional support. In the crystal world, Tiger Eye is your powerful and supportive companion.
  9. Red Jasper  - Red Jasper is like a natural energy boost, making you feel revitalized. It keeps you grounded, providing a sense of stability and security. This crystal helps balance your emotions, bringing calmness. It's a motivation kick, boosting your determination to reach goals. Red Jasper supports physical health and detoxification. It's also a courage booster, helping you face challenges confidently. If you need a spark of passion or creativity, Red Jasper acts like an igniter. Plus, it works as a protective shield, keeping away negative vibes. In the crystal world, Red Jasper is your vibrant and supportive companion.


Candles,Herbs,Crystals and essential oils are solely energy work and should not be completely substituted with conventional medicines and it is advised to consult doctor if you have serious health issues.

Customer Reviews

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Nandini Mohanan
Absolutely Stunning

This is my first order from Lilith and I loveD them. There were neatly packed and looked adorable. The crystals you receive will differ in sizes. There has been a change in energy where the crystals are placed....Thank you....


So glad I ordered this set of wonderful and healing stones. It had helped me immensely in improving my mental health and my sleep. Thank you 🙏

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